Lo and bee-hold, Luano Honey

Our Zambian raw honey is straight from the beehive – unadulterated, organic and without any pasteurisation or additives.

Extracted by local bee-lievers that have mastered the art of harvesting in remote and wild Zambian forests.

What Is Luano Honey?

It comes from specific and remote forests of Zambia. The process of harvesting is done harmoniously to keep the biological components of the honey and ecology intact.

Our team extracts the honey in its original state together with the honeycomb. Then we carefully separate the honey from its comb in a way which preserves the rawness and purity of the honey with absolute precision.

This ultimately yields the famously rich and delicious product which the nation of Zambia is so fond of and has easily come to love.

Do you know about The Luano Promise? Keep reading to learn what it is!

The Luano Promise

“Only Unadulterated Raw Honey”

It’s funny with beekeeping: the less you do the better the result.

Overfiltration, pasteurization and additives all strip the honey of its nutrients and antioxidants. Which makes it less of a honey and more of an empty sweet syrup.

That’s why Luano promises you that our honey is raw, unadulterated, wild and pure. Just as it exists in the beehive.

All we do is lovingly remove natural debris.

Why Luano Honey?

Raw And Unadulterated

Totally no overfiltration, pasteurization and additives.

We take it out of the hive and put it in your jar.


Honey is vital to your health.

It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants; just the daily boost your immune system needs!

Environmentally Friendly

The honeybees pollinate natural wildflowers of the wild bush.

This encourages biodiversity and helps the bush thrive.

Socially Vital

Luano Honey works with many rural beekeepers in remote Zambian areas.

This brings a future to their families and communities.

Giving Back

While it is important for our businesses to grow, it is also incredibly paramount that we make consistent efforts to find creative ways in which we can give back and sustain ourselves and our planet.

That’s why Luano Honey has decided to commit K1 towards tree planting for every product sold.

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What People Say

I always take a couple of jars back to the UK for my relatives, when I visit Zambia. Best honey!

Philip Chalcraft

An authentic, proudly Zambian brand! Always loved this honey!

Steven Wayesu Mtchotsa

Love that it’s organic! Each batch has slight differences and that’s how I know it’s original, from the forest.

Martin Maiseke

I’ve always loved Luano honey!

Mainess N. Chilumbwa

Most consistently good honey I’ve had in the Southern African region.

Dr. Anya Nowbuth

My go to honey from Zambia to enhace and boost my family and it’s immune system with turmeric, ginger and lemon/limes. Love it!

Vimal Patel

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