About Luano Honey

Here at Luano Honey we love 3 things:

1) Our truly top quality raw honey, that we bring home to our families and eat ourselves.

2) Being 100% Made in Zambia 🇿🇲. Our bees and flowers are Zambian, so is processing, packaging and distribution of honey.

3) Supporting rural communities. This feeling of giving economic opportunity to remote rural families is more than any money could buy.

Our mission is to bring pure natural honey on the table of every family in Zambia. This will make for a healthy and happy nation.

The people at Luano Honey are friendly and open-minded. We value integrity and only work with such people.

Meet our team!

Aman Patel

Aman Patel


Aman is the backbone of the company. He ensures all operations are under control.

In his free time Aman is always on the move and on the lookout for the next big adventure!

Lottie Lungo

Lottie Lungo


Lottie is the front end of our business. All contractors deal with him first and he then dispenses all information to the rest of the company as and when needed.

Lottie is an avid reader and is slightly (as he forced us to say) obsessed with the Harry Potter series.

Darryl Mutinta

Darryl Mutinta


Darryl handles all the transportation of our liquid gold between our beekeepers, facility and retailers.

He is obsessed with soccer and might skip work if Liverpool loses a game.

Goodson Chiteta

Goodson Chiteta

Production Manager

Goodson has been in the honey business for over a decade. He makes sure the honey we receive and package is nothing short of Luano’s consistently high standard.

Goodson is a motorbike fanatic and spends his free time with his 3 children.

Work At Luano Honey

We are always on the lookout for bright motivated people who love honey. If you think you can work with us, please drop us a line.

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